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Foursquare – good stuff around you

Foursquare has been one of the fastest growing social networks lately. It is also the largest location-based social media application. For your mobile phone.

How does it work? You use location-based apps to “check in” in a place. Phone’s GPS locates your location  and determines what “venue” you might be at, giving you option to select a location or create a new location. You can broadcast your “check ins” between your friends to see where they are now or where they frequently go. You can also leave location-based tips for friends to discover later, or participate in social competitions, or the ability to unlock digital badges, stickers, and prizes.

I’ve been amazed of its usefulness right after I installed it on my phone last weekend. Dozens of users have left useful tips about Tallinn. Finally I have usable application to answer the vital questions:

  • Where to go to eat?
  • Are there any of my contacts currently around to grab a quick coffee?
  • Where is the closest … ?
  • Does this city have … ?

In additional to user’s benefits, it surely offers wide range of opportunities for digital marketers too.  Such as:

  • Drive repeating customers to your business
  • Get your customers to recommend your business
  • Offer special deals to fans of your business
  • Offer special deals to anyone around your business

The beauty of location-based marketing is that it is instant.


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