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5 tips for web writing

Most of today’s web users don’t like reading essays any more. They skim the content. ViperChill has listed my favorite tips for writing for the Web:

  • Use Bullet Points: Just like I’m doing here, separate some lists into bullet form which not only breaks your post up into sections, but helps people skim your ideas if necessary
  • Use Section Headings: I often use H2 and H3 tags to define different sections of my posts. This way, I have a clear outline of my beginning, middle and end, so visitors can decide to read just one section or all of them combined.
  • Bold important sentences: If people are going to skim your posts, make it easier for them to take value from it by highlighting your most important points
  • Use clear sentences: Unless you’re trying to appeal to English literature graduates, you don’t need to use fancy words or complex-sentence structures. Keep your sentences simple. And remember: What you say is far more important than how you say it.
  • Break things up with images: Another good way to structure your content, without using headings, is to use relevant images to break things up. I like to have one in the introduction, as do many other bloggers, and more throughout the post, depending on the length of it

I keep this article simple too. You can find much more resources from

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