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Facebook = Google killer?

Facebook will take over many users of Google with its objective Facebook content search functionality. Facebook has already reached the level of Google’s visitor by its daily unique visitors. Analysts predict that the takeover might happen in 2010/2011. See the current Facebook vs Google usage statistics below:

The number of commercial Pages in Facebook is vastly growing in Facebook. More than 100 Estonian companies have now their Facebook page. Customer servicing and interaction moves from “googleable” static websites. From Facebook Pages you can find objective data and reviews about products and services.

Facebook is trustworthy information source. As you google for information, one might find quite a lot of irrelevant and fake information. Yet Facebook is currently quite non-spammed. Real reviews from real people. In example, if I read restaurant reviews from Google, I can never be sure that this is authentic feedback. If my friend recommends a restaurant over Facebook, I would really look forward visiting it. Which do you trust more: a friend’s reviews on product or services, or googling for info and finding (fake?) reviews and potentially non-objective feedback?

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Facebook is also a framework of search – if it keeps users in its own community, users don’t need to click external links. For corporate customers it means advanced user behavior analysis. For private persons the benefit is more personalized search results.

There is also potential threat for Facebook. Facebook’s key success factor in terms of search, is to manage its clean and objective content. Only if Facebook manages to keep his content objective and non-spammed, he might become a start page for any information search.

Obviously threats of Facebook inspire Google to develop its own services further. And develop more integrated mix of services and intelligence – gMail, Analytics, Orkut, etc.

Luckily, both Facebook and Google users benefit from that. For companies it is important to enhance your social media presence and build trust with customers. Customers will gain better services and products, more tailored search results.


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Siim Lepisk, Jouko Ahvenainen. Jouko Ahvenainen said: RT @SiimLepisk: Facebook = Google killer?: […]

  2. I wrote about this in our post Facebook More Visited Than Google I believe that FB is a really big treath to Google, considering its ties to Bing/Microsoft (and Yahoo)

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